Frquently Asked Questions

What is TUBIMER?
TUBITAK Communication Center (TUBIMER); TUBIMER has been established in accordance with the Scientific Committee decision dated May 6,
  • 2017 and numbered 265 for the purposes of increasing the efficiency of the processes by ensuring that the communication channels in the processes carried out by TUBITAK are managed from a single center,
  • Achieving a fast and effective communication infrastructure with TUBITAK’s stakeholders,
  • Providing institutional responsiveness and determining internal improvement opportunities.
How can I reach TUBIMER?
You may access TUBIMER’s implementations and transactions through “TUBIMER Online Platform” (
What is the scope of applications to be made to TUBIMER?
The scope of the applications can be made to TUBIMER is formed by all kinds of "Opinion/Suggestion", "Complaint", "Objection" and "Information Acquisition" notifications regarding TÜBİTAK.
What is TUBIMER Online Platform?
TUBIMER Online Platform has been established in order to combine and manage "Opinion/Suggestion", "Complaint", "Objection" and "Information Acquisition" application processes to be made to TUBITAK through a single electronic system.
How can I find the principles and procedures applied in the context of TUBIMER?
You can find them through TUBIMER Online Platform on the section: “Legislations”
Application Process
Who can apply to TUBIMER?
Starting from entreprenurs, companies, academicians, students and TUBITAK employees, everyone can apply to TUBIMER.
How can I apply to TUBIMER?
Applications to TUBIMER can be made through “TUBIMER Online Platform” (
When can I apply to TUBIMER?
Applications can be made to TÜBİMER at any time as long as there are no contrary provisions in the relevant legislation. However, for the objections in the scope of the "Regulation on the Objections to the Application Evaluation Processes of the Programmes Coordinated by TÜBİTAK"; The application period for the objection is 15 days from the rescript (which can be made written or electronically) of the transaction subjected to objection.
What should be given attention in the process of TUBIMER application?
In the process of application through “TUBIMER Online Platform” ( Turkish Identity Number, Name-Surname and Mobile Phone Number should be entered corretly. The code sent to the applicants mobile phone should be entered to proceed the application page.
What is identity authentication?
Identity Authentication is the verification of ones identity in order to benefit from the given services. For the authentication in “TUBIMER Online Platformu” (, Turkish Identity Number, name/surname and the code sent to the mobile phone are used. The authentication is completed once the information entered is verified by the system.
Is it mandatory to fill in all the fields on the application form?
Application type, name-surname, e-mail and application text are the fields mandatory to be filled in.
What are the sanctions for unjust denunciations and complaints made to TUBIMER?
In cases of slander accusation and illegal action in applications; provisions in “Article 267 of the Turkish Penal Code titled Slander” will be applied to the applicant.
Is it necessary to make another application to the related division as well after an application made to TUBIMER?
TUBIMER Online Platform has been established in order to combine and manage "Opinion/Suggestion", "Complaint", "Objection" and "Information Acquisition" application processes that are made to TUBITAK through a single electronic system. You do not need to make another application to the TUBITAK unit related with your application.
Application Tracking
How can the status of the application made to TUBIMER be followed?
By entering the application number, the applicant can instantly monitor the status of their application on TUBIMER Online Platform. In addition, in every stage of an application, the applicant can be notified via sms and/or e-imail due to their preferences.
Are the review results of the applications made to TUBIMER open for objection?
Objections within the context of "Regulation on Objections to the Application Evaluation Processes of the Programs Coordinated by TÜBİTAK" are closed to objections.
Information Acquisition
How can Information Acquisition be made?
Information Acquisition application can be made with the name and surname, signature, home or work address of the applicant. If the applicant is a legal entity, title of the entity, address, signature of institutional official and authorization certificate are needed for application. The application is made to the institution from which the information is demanded. This application can also be made electronically or by other means of communication, as long as the identity and signature of the person or other information that will help determine the origin of the script can be legally determined.
What are the subjects that are not included in the Information Acquisition?
  • Job applications,
  • Applications that do not have similar work within the institution but require a separate investigation and specific study and applications,
that have no relation with the subjects related to the tasks of TUBITAK.